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First off – congratulations!!! YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED!!!


You’ve found your beau, the venue and hopefully are well on your way to planning the most amazing wedding – EVER!


Chances are you have guests coming from out of town to come celebrate. And let’s be real – you want your entire wedding weekend to be epic, not just the main event. Having a block of rooms for your guests is awesome – it will give you a home base for your wedding and provides lots of other benefits. And best of all...


THis service is completely free for you.

Hotel Room with Pillows


  • Guests receive special room rates​ - often 15-40% less than standard rates

  • Rooms are guaranteed to be available

  • Wedding guests stay in one location, which makes it easier to socialize and coordinate transportation

  • Hotel can distribute welcome bags

  • Some hotels offer perks such as complimentary rooms and upgrades for the couple

  • Directions and information about the hotel can be included with the invitation and on wedding websites

  • Convenience – it is easy for guests to book their                   accommodations


We make booking a block of rooms for your wedding easy! Just follow these quick steps and we will get busy researching hotel rates and availability for you.

Step 1: Fill out our wedding room block questionnaire 

Step 2: We will research rates and availability (takes approx. one week) 

Step 3: Wedding Room Blocks will send you an email with a list of hotels and their rates

Step 4: You select which hotel(s) fit your needs 

Step 5: We work with the hotel to put together your room block contract, create a custom reservations site for your guests (where available) and provide you with all of the details guests need to book rooms

Step 6: Your guests book their rooms directly with the hotel

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